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Ludovica Mosca

Ludovica Mosca start her training in dance and music at the age of three at the Artes del Ritmo School in Barcelona. Later she enter at the Rosario Contreras School of Dance and she studied Ballet,Classical Spanish Dance, Regional Dances and Flamenco.

She also work Contemporary Dance with Barbara Blockehurst, Corporal Expression with Joan Font (director of Comediants), Spanish Dance with Carmen Contreras, Rythmic Dance with Mª Rosa García and Flokloric Dances of the World with Hanja Ehler.

In 1994 she beguins her studies of Baroque Dance with Teresa Alvés with whom she still works actually.
Regularly she attends special courses about Historical Dance with Mª José Ruiz Mayordomo and she received lessons from the dancer José de Udaeta.

In several occasions she studied Baroque dance and choreography with Cecilia Gracio-Moura, Françoise Deniau, Anne Marie Gardette, and Renaissance dance with Bruna Gondoni, at the "Acadèmie de Sablé".

She follows her Flamenco studies with the dancer David Romero and jazz-dance with Victor Rodrigo.

She teaches baroque dance and castanets at the Luthier School-Music and Dance and Juan Pedro Carrero School in Barcelona.

She gives courses about castanets and Introduction to the Baroque Dance for dancers and musicians in several Conservatories around Spain, Europe, U.S.A. Latin America and Asia.

Among many others: Juilliard School in New York, University of Chiapas, Centro Cedros-Universidad Panaméricana .in Mexico City, Danza Estudio Rita Cifuentes-Chiapas, Escuela de Ballet del Valle -Mexico City, the Music and Dance Academie of Bonn, the Chugye University for the Arts of Seoul, Lemmens Institut , Conservatories and Music Academies in Belgum.

Guest artist of the Orpheon Consort from Vienna, conducted by the viola de gamba José Vazquez, in the International Courses and Festival of Duino (Italy) and Ibiza (Spain).

With the cellist Iñaki Etxepare she has recorded a CD "Violoncello-castañolero" (Ayva Música) with works by Bach, Boccherini, Cassadó, as well as three pieces written especially for cello and castanets by E.Mateu, A. Adiego and J. Sansa, and with the violinst Nico Baltussen the violin solo works by J.S.Bach.

In 2011, she performed the Integral of Iberia by I.Albéniz together with the pianist Lluís Avendaño and the flamenco dancer Beatriz del Pozo and she began performing with the colombian guitarist Juan Mario Cuéllar.

From 2003 to 2006 she was guest artist with the Almodis Ensemble; they have performed in Spain, New York and Miami and they have made the recording of the Integral of the Quintets for guitar and string quartett by L. Boccherini for the label Columna Música.

In 2004 she did the creation of the Bolero by Emilio Mateu at the High Conservatory of Madrid playing with the composer and in June 2005 she played in the Real Monasterio del Escorial with Madrid Symphony Orquestra and Harps at the opening of the International Harp Festival directed by the harpist Mª Rosa Calvo Manzano.

She has performed with Joza Vlahovich Choir from Zagreb, Coral Catalunya, the guitarists Jaume Torrent and Sergi Vicente, the Orquestra de Guitarras de Barcelona, the violinist Manuel Guillén, the alto Emilio Mateu, the harpist Mª Rosa Calvo Manzano, the harpsichordist Ewald Donhorffer, the pianists Gennady Dzubenko and Ana Guijarro and the flutists Vicente Martinez father and son.

In 2014 together with the harpsichordists Petra Zdarska and Lucie Zakova she creates "Fandango" in Prague, and starts her collaboration with the belgium orchestra "Il Fondamento" conducted by Paul Dombrecht.